Saturday, January 3, 2009

gOoD bYe iKLiL aNd HaNim <>

hummm..long time to see u..!!actually I want write this before..but I don't have much time to go Cyber Remaja a.k.a cyber my college we'll call it CR..for this time I want to say that my best friends at KMPk that are iklil and hanim have left us...they all got invitation from, of course they wanna to go there..because their future now have secure by government...iklil got medical assistance while hanim got nurse..emm..sometimes i'm very jealousy with them..but what should i do?? just do nothing.. i have 2 times interview but both are failed...i redha it..huhu..hope rezki are wish to them are good luck..if u are have more times and chance to further study in degree just do it..! iklil u are so nice, kind friend...and hanim u are friendly friend and classmate..hehe..S1T7 miss u..!!

* aritu syihan pon dpt spa..farmasi lak tuu..emmm..

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