Saturday, January 3, 2009


last family and i holiday at cousin stay there..a long time to go there..but nothing changes a lot..huhu..i take a bus after finished my lecture at i arrived at kl sentral at 8.10pm..unfortunately i'm lost...!!! haha...but my cousin still can find me...he pick up me there..i have a Christmas holiday about 5 days...on Friday i went to Nilai..wants to see a new house of my cousin...he will live at Sepang nearest to KLIA..but it nearest to Nilai, i take the time to go there for the first time in my my mother is very excited when go there because she can buy a lot of cloth, curtain and so on with a cheap day, we'll go to Alamanda...for me i'm went there for second time..nothing others...hummm..last day..i go back with train to Kelantan..then back to Perak again..

*this week mid sem break..2 weeks..

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