Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BoRinG dAy..!!!!!

uhh...today and yesterday and before yesterday..it is a very very boring day for me..!u all know why? nowadays i am on holiday..mid semester break..so, i have a couple of weeks to being at home...but luckily i have a computer to surf the internet..yeaahh! not too boring now..but!! i wanna to out coz today my friends at matrix invited me to play the bowling at KB Mall..but i dont have a transport although i have both license neither motorcycle nor car..hummmm..my Kancil that always i ride that my sis have used it..she now working at kuala krai..that so far..!! my motorcycle?? fuhh...so frustrated to say to u all..it like suck and lol!! just forget it..!!
so, what should i do ??????????????

* i have to suffer my life about another two days..

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