Thursday, January 8, 2009

cOLouR tReaTmEnt..

hye i will talk about colour treatment..this also can call colour spa..if u guys have a headache, stress, and tired?? u all know that these problem can solve by just looking the colour.. beleive or not, just practice as suggest below..

1. red - headache
the research found that red can help to reduce the headache problem because that colour can achieve to increase the blood circulation and to gambol adrenaline hormone..try ti see the red things when you in headache...

2. blue - stress in office or school or when studying
if u all stress with daily works?? or assignment?? exam?? ohh..try see something that blue in colour..this is because blue can stimulate the peace environment as well as it can reduce your blood pressure..if u all are in group of people that always in stress, try to decorate your study table with blue equipment..

3. pink - insomnia
pink is not only just plat its role as a romantic colour but in the same time it will able to exist the comfortable feeling and in relaxation situation. so, you all to encourage decorate your bedroom with pink the way it help you to overcome your insomnia or very difficult to sleep..

4. orange - happy mood
no mood?? try to look the thing in orange colour because it will able to return your energy...if you guys are always don't have mood everyday, now you have to always wearing the cloth or accessory are in orange in least it will help your friends that dont have mood too become happy mood...

5. green - no tired
green is the colour that able bring positive effects to our body addition, this colour also able to encourage the harmony mood in our body...that's why most people said if you so tired, very very tired try to move your sight to plants or green objects.

*colour = britain, color = american...

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