Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wELcoMe bAck tO mY gRaNdmOthEr aNd My aUnt..

uhh..while i'm having mid sem break..on the 9th january, all my father's family have to welcome my grandmother and my aunt back from Mecca..both of them went to Mecca to fulfilled the Islamic person must cumpulsory to do this pious duties..but to the mention is for a capable person..i was informed by my parent that we went to Terengganu to take them back..because airport at Terengganu (i dont know what the airport name is) now are upgrade as international airport..we all depart from Kelantan by 9.30 a.m...wa all went there by group..most of my family, my aunts, my uncles,my cousins went there..about 3 hours later we all arrived there..the journey not too boring you know because my father took the old road way..the road directly besides the other aunt had booking a banglo at Kuala,when just arrived there, we all just stay there for a on 2.45 pm...we all started towrds the airport...the time took about 15 minutes...after we got the parking, the flight just arrived but it still to revolve at the sky...there are so many people at there..fuhh...after 4 hours at the airport, we all now back to the banglo, many stories my aunt and my grandmother told to us...i'm so happy because both of them also now are in healthy and safely..the next day my grandmother do a thanksgiving ceremony at the village..she had invited all the villagers and they come..till the 'laksa' completely finished..hahah...i miss that moment because so difficult to me you know to combine all the members of faminy to be in the same time together...

*my grandmother said that she always dream on my father when she at Mecca, while she do the umrah also she had do mean people said my fahter have a invitation to go there too..aminn..!!

wELcOmE bAcK tO mY gRanDmotHer aNd My aUnt..

uhh..while on i'm having a holiday, a mid sem break..on the 9th january, all my family on beside of my father have to welcome my grandmother and my aunt back from Mecca..both of them went to Mecca to fulfilled the pilgrimage...a Islamic person must cumpulsory to do pious duties..but to the mention is for a capable person..i was onformed by my parent that we went to Terengganu to take them back..because airport at Terengganu ( i dont know what the airport name is now are upgrade as international airport..we all depart from Kelantan by 9.30 a.m...wa all went there by group..most my family, my aunt, my uncle,my cousin went there..about 3 hours later we all arrived there..the journey not too boring you know because my father took the old road way..the road dircetly besides the other aunt had booking a banglo at Kuala,when just arrived there, we all just stay there for a on 2.45 pm...we all started towrds the airport...the time took about 15 minutes...after we got the parking, the flight just arrived but it still to revolve at the sky...there are so many people at there..fuhh...after 4 hours at the airport, we all now back to the banglo, many stories my aunt and my grandmother told to us...i'm so happy because both of them also now are in healthy and safely..the next day my grandmother do a thnksgiving ceremony at the village..she had invited all the villagers and they come..till the 'laksa' completely finished..hahah...i miss that moment because so difficult to me you know to combine all the members of faminy to be in the same time together...

*my grandmother said that she always dream on my father when she at Mecca, while she do the umrah also she had do mean people said my fahter have a invitation to go there too..aminn..!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

cOLouR tReaTmEnt..

hye i will talk about colour treatment..this also can call colour spa..if u guys have a headache, stress, and tired?? u all know that these problem can solve by just looking the colour.. beleive or not, just practice as suggest below..

1. red - headache
the research found that red can help to reduce the headache problem because that colour can achieve to increase the blood circulation and to gambol adrenaline hormone..try ti see the red things when you in headache...

2. blue - stress in office or school or when studying
if u all stress with daily works?? or assignment?? exam?? ohh..try see something that blue in colour..this is because blue can stimulate the peace environment as well as it can reduce your blood pressure..if u all are in group of people that always in stress, try to decorate your study table with blue equipment..

3. pink - insomnia
pink is not only just plat its role as a romantic colour but in the same time it will able to exist the comfortable feeling and in relaxation situation. so, you all to encourage decorate your bedroom with pink the way it help you to overcome your insomnia or very difficult to sleep..

4. orange - happy mood
no mood?? try to look the thing in orange colour because it will able to return your energy...if you guys are always don't have mood everyday, now you have to always wearing the cloth or accessory are in orange in least it will help your friends that dont have mood too become happy mood...

5. green - no tired
green is the colour that able bring positive effects to our body addition, this colour also able to encourage the harmony mood in our body...that's why most people said if you so tired, very very tired try to move your sight to plants or green objects.

*colour = britain, color = american...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BoRinG dAy..!!!!! and yesterday and before is a very very boring day for me..!u all know why? nowadays i am on holiday..mid semester, i have a couple of weeks to being at home...but luckily i have a computer to surf the internet..yeaahh! not too boring now..but!! i wanna to out coz today my friends at matrix invited me to play the bowling at KB Mall..but i dont have a transport although i have both license neither motorcycle nor Kancil that always i ride that my sis have used it..she now working at kuala krai..that so far..!! my motorcycle?? frustrated to say to u like suck and lol!! just forget it..!!
so, what should i do ??????????????

* i have to suffer my life about another two days..

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tHe FOx HexEd..

Adapted from Koren Folk Tale, title : The Fox Sister, about the origin of various sources, retold by Heinz Insu Fenkl

Chapter 1 : First Sight

Everyone wants to live happily. They wants their life everything in perfect. Everything is perfect. Everything is perfect! Hashim is a fresh graduate from Tokyo Medical University. After he came back to Malaysia, he accidently to know a girl. Lina, who are a lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). They know each other after both of them joned a workshop called ‘Be A Good Worker’ organized by USM. Hashim will be a doctor at Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM). Before he work at USM, he must to join that workshop. HUSM is under USM. So, that workshop will participate by all worker or will be working at USM. Hashim join that workshop as first time, so he is so excited. But Lina joined that workshop at the second time. Lina worked as lecturer to the course, Microbiology about two years. She was graduated from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.
“Hi Lina! Nice to meet you. I’m Hashim. How do you do?” ask Hashim to Linda to start the conversation.
“Nice to meet you too Hashim. I’m fine. Hope everything alright.” Said Lina.
“Yes. Hope like that! Hope we can cooperate to each other very well because we are in same group right?”Ask Hashim again.
“Yup, Insyaallah…I will do” said Lina simple.
Along the workshop about a week, they become closely. They were always chatting at midnight after both of them changing phone number to each other. The relationship become serious until one day, both of them took a decision. They were married. Hashim so happy after married with Lina.
After they married, they live at Penang. They loved to live at condominium. So, they bought a house at condominium. The Permai Condominium is one of the wonderful condominiums at Penang.
“Wow! It’s awesome. I like very much” Hashim express its feeling after see that condominium.
“Me too. So, let’s be this house is ours dear” Lina express too and said to her husband, Hashim.

The condominium is situated at Bayan Lepas. It nearest to the airport and Quennsbay Mall, a largest shopping complex in Malaysia. Their house also is on beach sideview. Although the cost of house are expensive and much with luxury but it is affordable. They don’t mind about the money but it is important for them is perfect. Everything is perfect!

Chapter 2: Holiday

After married about 13 years, Hashim and Lina were gifted three sons. They happy with Danial, Danny and Darwish. Danial is 11 years old and he is first son, second is Danny, 10 years old and third is Darwish 8 years old. Mean while, Hashim and Lina busy with their own jobs, but they not forget about their responsible as parent to teach and give good education as well as knowledge to their sons. Every night, they will discuss with their sons about education and the family always pray together to God and hope the family life with a lot of happiness and have bless from God.
At holiday school, Hashim and Lina will bring their sons to somewhere like beach, island in Malaysia to spend their time to sons. So, like this activity they can close their bond as a family. One day, during they holiday at Langkawi Island, at shopping complex, suddenly Lina saw a gown for a baby girl. It is looks so nice and beautiful. At the same time, she thinks something. Suddenly….
“Darling, what are you looking for?” Hashim ask to his wife.
“Yes mom, what are you looking? I see you looking something at the shop?” ask Danial , the eldest son to his mother.
“Yes, I look something at the shop. It is so nice and beautiful. I want to buy the thing, but…..mmmm..” said Lina in sorrow feeling.
“But what mom?” ask the second son, Danny.
“If you want the thing you just tell to dad. Maybe dad can buy for you.” Danny added.
“Of course…yes, my darling just tells to me. What do you want to buy at the shop?” ask Hashim with questioning.
“I know honey. But if I buy this thing, I do not know who will wear this thing” said Lina.
Suddenly, her youngest son, Darwish tells something.
“I can wear that thing mom, but what the thing is?” ask Darwish.
“Actually, I want to buy the gown!” said Lina clearly.
“What?? Gown?? Oh, no…I don’t want to wear that cloth.” Said Darwish.
“That cause, I don’t want to buy the gown. It’s empty and only wastes my money.” Tell Lina to her family.
“Darling, why suddenly you want to buy the gown? I’m very shock and feel not well and have something wrong with you.” Said Hashim.
“No, honey. Actually I really want a daughter.” Said Lina honestly.
“But we already have 3 sons right?” ask Hashim.
“Yes, I know. I very thank to God cause were gifted handsome, perfect and cute sons to us. But, I really want a daughter. I think with a daughter, our family will be happier.” Said Lina.
“Yes dad. Mom said is right. I also want a sister” tell Danny.
“Darling, I know your feeling. You must be patient. Insyaallah, one day we will gift a daughter from God. Believe me. Ok!!” Hashim give his belief to his wife.

Chapter 3 : Daughter

After the holiday, Hashim and Lina did a lot of effort to get a daughter. Every night, they will pray to God to get a daughter.
After two years, Lina was realized that she was pregnant. She was very happy because after she do scanned her pregnant, the doctor was authenticated that she will get a daughter. She is so grateful to God because gift a daughter. But, during Lina pregnant, she has strange experience where she really wants to eat fox meat. She told to her daughter and her husband very shock and not believes to his wife. But because he very loves to his wife, he was willing to do anything to his wife. Hashim was feed a hunter to get the fox meat.
After 9 months, 10 days, Lina safely give a birth. She got a cute girl baby. After operation,
“Congratulations Mdm. Lina! You got a baby girl” wish a doctor to Lina.
“Thanks a lot doc. I’m happy bout this” said Lina.
Hashim towards to Lina’s bed. He’s smile with much meaningful to his wife. While, Lina reply her husband’s smile. Both of them so excited with new baby because the baby is a daughter. A daughter that waiting for. Here’s come!
“Lina, what should we give the name to this baby? Do you have any ideas honey?” ask Hashim to Lina to find the name for this daughter.
“Don’t know la abang. I don’t know have any idea. I just accept any name till it’s sound not bad” said Lina.
“How’s it become Damis?” said Hashim.
“Good! It’s nice name. Nur Liyana Damia binti Abd. Hashim.” Said Lina.
After 2 weeks at Pantai Medical Centre, Lina was discharged. The brothers welcome to their sister with most pleasure.
“She’s so cute dad.” Said Danial. Then, Danial give a kiss to his younger sister.
“Yes dad. She’s beautiful like mom” said Darwish with smiley.
After a week, Hashim do a thanksgiving ceremony. He invite all residence of the Permai Condominium. Hashim and Lina also invite their friends come to the ceremony. This ceremony is just show how Muslims thanks to their God with the gift from the God. All Muslims must do some ceremony. This ceremony is signed to show baby to everyone. Hashim and Lina happy with everyone who is coming. Many people came to this ceremony.
“Congratulations Lina. Finally you’ve got a daughter, a cute daughter. Hope you will live happily with her soon” wish Maryam, a Lina’s best friend.
“Hashim what’s your daughter’s name?” ask Roslan, a Hashim’s brother.
“Nur Liyana Damia..Nice right?” said Hashim to his brother.
“Yup. That’s nice. Suitable with its nature. Good looking.” Roslan added.
“Thanks Roslan.” Said Hashim.
“Hope this child will make you happy in your life and she will do something to boyh of you that’s going be proud of everyone.” Tell Roslan.
The ceremony end at 11 p.m. All guest like and enjoy with that ceremony. Hashim and Lina tired treat the guest but they so happy.

Chapter 4 : First Night

Day by day, Damia is growing up. Now she is 11 years old. Damia looks more beautiful as a princess. At the school, the gang of naughty boys always disturbs her especially during the recess, Damia feel uncomfortable with them and sometimes Damia will do something out of her mind to protect herself and she will report to discipline teacher about her problem. So, with that, she will be safe because the naughty boy student to do not disturb her again.
As usual, after back from school, Damia will do housework and help her maid to do houework. Not only beautiful but Damia is a hardworking, dedicate, heart kind and independent daughter. She can manage herself with well, but if she has the big problem, she will tell to her parent, discuss and solve her problem together. She can standing by her own.
One Thursday night, about 11.30 p.m. before she want go to sleep, she want to go sleep, she feel something wrong about herself she feel dizzy. She also wants like to eat something like liver. Her head become dizzier. After 30 minutes, she can feel the changes of herself. When she look herself at the mirror. She becomes shock because she becomes half human and half fox. The beautiful and nice face becomes the ugly and scary face. She looks like a fox because have long mouth and sharp teeth. After that, she goes out from her house with the scarf to cover her face. So, anyone cannot detect that it is she. She goes to the third floor of the condo with the stairs. After reach at a house of the condo, she presses the bell for the many times to call the people in that house. When someone from the house come out, Damia with quickly get him and bite the neck and put the liver of that person to eat. She had killed one person!
“Ouuchh..! Yummy..!! Best. It’s so delicious!” Damia is going feel that first time he killed people. She had to killed people to be a human, a normal human. She had to! The hexed is now inherited to Damia. Damia become aggressive because of the hexed.
“No! I have to back my home now! It’s almost 1 a.m. But I have to clear this blood!” said Damia to herself.
After everything is clear, with clumsy, Damia take the list and going down to the first floor, where her house is by. Slowly, she pulled the door and enters the house. The house so dark and silent. Her parent is in sleep. They have a nice dream now. Same with her brothers too. She relief and pull her breath long so that she in safe and no one know what she doing. Now, she can sleep on her bed.

Chapter 5: The Hexed

5 years ago…
Today is Damia’s birthday, 7th June 2008. Today also is a weekend day. So, Damia wake up so late on that morning. She no needs to go to school. She can sleep so long and take more rest to this morning. Suddenly, her bed room is knocking.
“Damia! Ohh..Damia!!” Lina is calling her daughter.
“Please wake up now! We’ve something to you!” Lina added.
“Uhh..Mom! You are disturbing me lah. Today is weekend day. Please give me a long time to sleep mom!” said Damia with angrily.
“But Damia my dear…Please get out from your room first” said Lina again.
“Yes…Yes…I’m my way now…” said Damia follow her mother permission.
She still gives a smile to her mother. A sincerely smile because the person in front of her is her flesh blood mother. She should respect her mother in any condition. She now more grows up. Become teenager. She will celebrate her 16th birthday today.
When she walking toward the dining room, she surprised because there is a lot of present. One of them is a shoe, the shoes branded Gucci, her favorite brand. That shoes is she really wants last year but can not buy it because no money. Lina said that a shoe was bought at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. She’s so happy and when she feels like that she can feel that she only feel happy for only a while. Suddenly, in her body there is till have a fox spirit. When she is in bath, she feels not healthy today. So she does not have a mood today as well as to celebrate her birthday. She can feel in her shoulder so heavy.
“Ooouuuch..! what’s wrong with me hah? Why my shoulders feel so heavy? It’s looks like something in sharp had entered into my shoulder. No..!” said Damia herself.
Damia not relieve that the hexed had made she feel her shoulder become heavy. The hexed is come from her mother’s family generation. In old ages ago, Lina’s grandmother is a hexed user. She had putted the hexed into her shoulder to look her body more beautiful. But, Lina’s grandmother does not know that the hexed is can inherit if she against the abstention when she uses that hexed. She had done a mistake that is she eats the pisang raja. She very loved to eat pisang raja because it is her favorite food. Now, Damia is inheriting that hexed. Someone who is inheriting that hexed will turn a ugly fox. She must eat the human liver about 30 liver that means a month. So that, she will be a normal human. After that no more hexed, except she meets faith healer to put out that hexed. Only certain traditional medicine man can put out that hexed. If he do mistake in step life will be lost.

Chapter 6: Camping and Serious Cases

The school holiday is coming soon. Damia and her friends are planning to join the camping that organized by Recreational Club of her school, Penang Free School. The camping will held at Kem Batu Pecah, Manong, Kuala Kangsar, Perak about 3 days. The day are waiting for are coming. Damia and her friends, Suria, Michelle, and Kaisara are ready to go to that camping. During the camping, many activities were held for all students. The aim of this camping is to build the student’s stamina of physical and mental. First day at the camping, all students must stand their tent. At the night, the activity is night walk. Night walk is the students will leave alone and must walk alone in the jungle at the midnight. Something going happen! Suddenly, Damia become aggressive and she feel her shoulder become heavy again. It sign that the fox hexed is coming again to herself. During that time Damia is alone because Suria, Michelle and Kaisara had left her to walk alone in the jungle. She feels uncomfortable and asks permission from her teacher to go to toilet. When she on the way to the toilet she see Hanani alone at the camp site.
Now she can take the action to be the fox girl. With slowly she fully turn into the ugly fox. She walking towards Hanani quickly and as fast as lighting, Damia jump into and bite the neck of her friend. Hanani is screaming and everyone hear that screaming. All people become shock and the camp commandant gives instruction to be together at the camp site. At the same time, a group of teacher finds and towards to that shouting are. When reach at that spot the entire teacher had shocked after saw the corpse with blood.
“No! What’s that?” ask Mdm. Roslina, a teacher.
“I think this a dead body. But I can recognize it’s a corpse of our students.” Said Mr. Nasir as the leader teacher.
“What??” ask Miss Huda, a follower teacher with shock.
“Yes. What Mr. Nasir said is true. Please someone of you go to all the students say that our camping must cancelled start tomorrow” said Pak Ayob as camp commandant.
Miss Huda tells the students not to be panic and calm down. Tonight everyone cannot sleep but they must pack their bag. All the students are crumpling their tents. Damia had turned as a girl. She still in time to clear the bloods that adhere to her body and cloth. Damia pretends looks like do not know what is going happen.
Next morning, Damia arrived at her condo. She is tired. Tonight, she does the same thing that is killing the resident of the condo. Every night, there are a lot of cases at the condo. Police can not find the murder. The murder is Damia! But how police can’t trace the murder? Every night Damia will kill one people to eat the liver of the resident. The police said that is serious cases in this country of the year so far. The guard of the condo had to keep watch every night to catch up the murder. Lina always advice her children to not out from the house especially in the midnight.
“After school all of you must be in the house. Please don’t go anywhere!” command Lina to her children.
“But mom…Why?? Why we’ll must be at the home all the time?” ask Darwish.
“Please listen lah what mom said. Just obeys it. All of you don’t understand that?” Damia said with anger.
“Why are you so angry with me Damia? What are you not satisfied with me hah?” ask Darwish.
“Enough..! Don’t fight here! Just follow my instruction. Nowadays our condo not in safe anymore.” Said Lina.
Damia actually do not know her movements are follows by someone. Farish is Damia’s nieghbour. Farish is seventeen years old. He just finished his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. So, he just does nothing now but on he do nothing he always spy Damia. He sometimes spies Damia because she is beautiful and Farish wants to friend with Damia. One night, when Damia looking for her next prey, once again her movement spy by Farish. Farish now know Damia can turn to be a fox and killed the people. He is now afraid and had told to Danial, Damia’s brothers. Danial firstly do not believe what Farish told. The next day he see also what Damia doing. Danial told to his father. Of course Hashim don’t believe too.
“You’re so ridiculous. What’s you talking about are nonsense!” Said Hashim.
“No dad. I tell you are true! Why are you not trust to me? I’m your elder son.” Said Danial.
“You are right. But how can you say to your sister like that. I see you more friendlily with Farish, son of Pak Mat. He is unused son. He always made Pak Mat in trouble. Now I want send you overseas to further you study.” Said Hashim to his son.
“What dad? Study in abroad? No!” said Danial.
“You have to follow my instruction. If do not don’t stay in this house anymore!” Said Hashim.
“Next week, you will depart to Australia. Just get ready ok. Everything I will settle on this week includes your passport and visa” said Hashim.

Chapter 7 : Caught out!

2 years later…
A year by year, the murder in the condo still can not trace by police. Almost people had killed by Damia include her parent and her siblings. All her family had been killed by her. She had to kill them to be a normal human. Farish still cannot prove everyone that Damia had killed the resident of the condo until one day, he determined to catch Damia and wants to send her to his village. In his village his grandfather is a faith healer, who is can waste the hexed. Farish’s family also had been killed. One night, when Damia to killed the 30th prey, Farish get to catch her by he spray Damia with a lot of perfume. Then Damia is faint. Finally he brings Damia to his village. But before that when he on the way to bring Damia to the village, he meets Danial.
Danial just come back after got long holiday from Australia. He is now studying in Melbourne at Swinburne University of Technology. When he see Farish along with Damia, many question he wants to ask.
“What’s going happen bro?” ask Danial to Farish.
“Fuhh..finally you back! Look! I’ve caught your sister.” Said Farish.
“What? Almost 2 years I go abroad you just caught my sister? So terrible!” said Danial.
“Yes. I will send your sister to my village at Kelantan. You wanna to follow me?” ask Farish.
“But…For what?” ask Danial again,
“At my village I will recover her. My grandfather is traditional medicine man, a faith healer. He terror in treat people in sick.” said Farish.
“Ok..! I will follow you. I must guard my sister as well. But why you not invite my family too. Where are my mom and dad? Where’re Darwish and Danny? Where’re them? Where are they go?” ask Danial with confuse.
“Relax bro. Inalilahirajiun, they’ll have died. Damia had killed them. My family too. Just only Damia and I only still alive in this condo. Damia is so great! A remarkable girl. She had killed all the resident of this condo. Some of them already move out from here. This condo is haunted!”said Farish clearly.
“What? Ohh.. Ya Allah. How can these happen?” said Danial.

Chapter 8: No hexed, no murder

All of them arrived at Kampung Pok Dogo, Kuala Krai, Kelantan safely. Farish’s grandfather, Pak Lat and his wife, Mak Ton welcome them. Danial hip Damia into the house. Damia is fainted for about two days. Farish already put the sleep pill and Damia cannot relieve what is going happen to her.
After everything is prepared, Pak Lat is ready to do incantation and recover Damia from the hexed. Before it is start, Pak Lat tells to Farish and Danial actually Damia had inherited the hexes by last generation. Pak Lat cannot trace from whose generation. Danial can suspect it from his mother’s family because his mother had told him her grandmother wore the hexed. He not believes how the hexed can be inherited. Pak Lat said it is a magic action.
The clock shows now are at sharp 9 p.m. They all had waiting for a long time about 4 hours. Danial can see Pak Lat is mumble alone in the room but he do not hear what Pak Lat say. Finally he see Damia wake up. He is so happy and same with Farish too.
Pak Lat said Damia must get the much rest. That is mean she will fully recover in the next morning. Pak Lat will throw out that hexed in the river on that night. Farish and Danial will accompany Pak Lat because the time is now at 1 a.m. While on he want to put out in the river suddenly the water in the river become chalky but they all can see their faces. This so strange thing happens in Danial and Farish’s life. Pak Lat said this is normal thing will happen. In a blink of an eye, the hexed disappeared. Then they all back to the home.
Next morning, the weather is so good. The surroundings are so cool and shroud by mist. Mak Ton had wake earlier than others because she had to make some nasi lemak and ketayap to sell at the stall. Then Pak Lat is go to the mosque to pray. Danial and
Farish wake up at 8.30 a.m. They all wake up so late because last night they sleep late and tired too. Damia wake up and then toward Mak Ton.
“Where I am?” ask Damia.
“You are at my house at Kelantan.” Said Mak Ton.
“What? Kelantan? How can I be here? I’m stayed at Penang. Please let me go. I want back my home!!” Damia shouting.
“It’s a long story” said Mak Ton.
Damia’s shouting had wake up Danial and Farish. Then, both of them go to the kitchen and see what happen. Danial tell to Damia everything. She is not believe but she must accept that fact.
They all lives at that village for a certain time. Danial loved to live there but next week he must back to Australia. Before he back there, Farish had something to say to everyone. One night….
“I have something to say to everyone” said Farish.
“What’s that? Its looks like something important.” Said Mak Ton.
“Yup. What that Farish? So suspend you are.” Said Danial
“I want married.” Said Farish while he staring to Damia. Damia smile on him. Both of them looks like know what important is.
“He had propose to me yesterday and I had accept him.” Said Damia in happy.
“That’s great news. Next week we do a ceremony.” Pak Lat interjects their speaking.
“I agreed with you bang. Tomorrow you find the cow to be killing it.” Said Mak Ton.
“Yeah. You have done this as soon as possible before I depart to Australia. I want to see my sister married” said Danial.
Next week that waiting are is coming. They all are busy to manage that ceremony are in good condition and nothing in problem. Many people come to that ceremony. Damia now happy with her life. She also lucky marries with Farish. Farish is a good and loyal husband. He treat Damia with kindly.
Finally, Danial had depart to Australia and if he have a holiday he will back to Kelantan at Pak Lat and Mak Ton’s house. Sometimes he will visit his sister, Damia at Kuantan. Damia and Farish live there and working there.
The Permai condominium now still in haunting. No one who’s brave to collapse that condo. At there, there is still having a hexed spirit that revolved in the condominium. Who knows it is can enter to anyone it wants!

-The End-
copyright reserved..

My StoRy aDaPTaTiOn..!

hello babe and dude..!! here i will show to you all my English assignment..i have to write the story adaptation..the story must adapted from the folk i choose korean folk tale..its titled the fox sister..the story is so best and partner when doing this assignment is Haizulizam..we just have a week to do that story...the story minimum about 1000 words..firstly, we'll blur what should we start on..then about more than half i do it alone..!! haha..proud and the next day i will post my story to you all chapter by, i'm glad to veryone to comment bout my story..!! chaos~

*next class i will promote my story to others students..and present it..waaa!


him...geetin better..!

of course everyone know him..much better right? whose dont know yet..its related with below..trick it..!! btw guess who are the last pic there? a young boy..!?

FaLL fOr yOu..<

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Saturday, January 3, 2009


last family and i holiday at cousin stay there..a long time to go there..but nothing changes a lot..huhu..i take a bus after finished my lecture at i arrived at kl sentral at 8.10pm..unfortunately i'm lost...!!! haha...but my cousin still can find me...he pick up me there..i have a Christmas holiday about 5 days...on Friday i went to Nilai..wants to see a new house of my cousin...he will live at Sepang nearest to KLIA..but it nearest to Nilai, i take the time to go there for the first time in my my mother is very excited when go there because she can buy a lot of cloth, curtain and so on with a cheap day, we'll go to Alamanda...for me i'm went there for second time..nothing others...hummm..last day..i go back with train to Kelantan..then back to Perak again..

*this week mid sem break..2 weeks..

gOoD bYe iKLiL aNd HaNim <>

hummm..long time to see u..!!actually I want write this before..but I don't have much time to go Cyber Remaja a.k.a cyber my college we'll call it CR..for this time I want to say that my best friends at KMPk that are iklil and hanim have left us...they all got invitation from, of course they wanna to go there..because their future now have secure by government...iklil got medical assistance while hanim got nurse..emm..sometimes i'm very jealousy with them..but what should i do?? just do nothing.. i have 2 times interview but both are failed...i redha it..huhu..hope rezki are wish to them are good luck..if u are have more times and chance to further study in degree just do it..! iklil u are so nice, kind friend...and hanim u are friendly friend and classmate..hehe..S1T7 miss u..!!

* aritu syihan pon dpt spa..farmasi lak tuu..emmm..

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