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ToTal ParEnteraL NuTriTion !



What is it?

Total Parenteral (per-IN-ter-ull) Nutrition (new-TRIH-shun) is also called TPN. It provides your body with nutrition such as protein, sugar, vitamins, minerals, and sometimes fat (lipids). TPN is used when you are unable to eat or cannot get enough nutrition from the foods you eat. TPN always goes into your vein (blood vessel) through an intravenous (in-truh-V-nus) (IV) line. It may be given to you in the hospital, long-term care center, or at home. You may need TPN for several days or longer. This will be decided by your caregiver.

Who needs TPN?

TPN is needed when you cannot eat food by mouth. You may need TPN if you cannot get enough nutrition from your diet for seven days or more. You may also need TPN if you have:

  • Infection or problems in your pancreas, intestines (bowel), or other body organs.

  • Food tubes going into your stomach that cannot give you enough nutrition.

  • AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

  • Some types of cancer.

  • Starvation or anorexia (an-or-EKS-e-uh). These are problems that occur when you do not eat for a long time.

  • Serious burns.

If you have any of the following, tell your caregiver before you start your TPN treatment:

  • Allergies, especially to vitamins, eggs, oils, or peanuts.

  • Blood clotting problems.

  • High blood cholesterol (ko-LES-ter-all).

  • Liver, kidney, or heart disease.

  • Pancreas problems such as pancreatitis (pan-kree-uh-TI-tis).

  • Pregnant or breast feeding.

How is TPN given?

Your caregiver will place a special IV line in your arm, upper chest, or neck. Your TPN will be connected to a pump. It controls how fast the TPN goes into your vein. Your TPN will be given by a caregiver who is trained to give IV treatments.

What will happen when I leave the hospital?

You will receive your first dose of TPN while you are in the hospital. This will help your caregiver decide what type of TPN to give you at home. Ask your caregiver for information on how to care for your IV line. A caregiver will visit you at home and give the TPN to you. The caregiver may also teach you, a family member, or friend how to give the TPN.

Checklist for giving a TPN treatment:

Your TPN and supplies will be delivered to your home. TPN is usually kept in the refrigerator. Ask your caregiver how you should store the TPN and for how long. Do not freeze the bags.

  • 1. __ Remove your TPN from the refrigerator two hours before you plan to use it.Allow it to warm to room temperature. Do not warm your TPN in a microwave oven.

  • 2. __ Check the expiration date on the label. Do not use the TPN if it is expired (past the date on the label).

  • 3. __ Look closely at the liquid in the TPN bag. Do not use it if the TPN is cloudy or has solid pieces floating in it. Do not use your TPN if it is separated like oil and water or is leaking from the bag. Call your caregiver and ask your caregiver what you should do.

  • 4. __Wash your hands.

  • 5. __ Place all your supplies on a clean, hard surface like a table. Gently rock your TPN bag up and down and back and forth. This will blend the liquid in the bag. Never shake your bag. Follow your caregiver's instructions on how to give your TPN.

  • 6. __ You may need to add vitamins or medicine to the TPN bag before it is given.Your caregiver will show you how. The vitamins will make your TPN bag turn yellow. This is normal.

  • 7. __ Throw away used IV supplies in a special container. This special container will be given to you by your caregiver. Keep it where children and pets cannot reach it. When it is almost full, tell your caregiver. Do not dispose of it yourself.

  • 8. __ Call your caregiver if you have problems with your TPN treatment. Call if your TPN has expired or there are problems with the liquid in the bag. Also call if your pump is not working or if you see leaks in the bag or IV supplies. Call if you have any other questions or concerns about your TPN.
Never stop your TPN treatments without asking your caregiver first. TPN must be slowly stopped by your caregiver. Stopping your TPN suddenly could cause you to have serious health problems.

What do I do if I miss a dose?

Your TPN should be given at about the same time everyday. If you miss a TPN treatment or forget to add in a medicine, call your caregiver immediately.

What kind of care can I expect at home?

Your caregiver will tell you what you need to do every day while on TPN. This may include weighing yourself, keeping a food diary, and testing your blood sugar. You will be given special papers to record (write down) this information each day. Your caregiver will teach you how to do all these things. Your caregiver will visit you every one to three days at first. Once you have had TPN treatments for a while, your caregiver will come less often. You can expect your caregiver to draw your blood, speak to you about how you are feeling, and look at your daily recordings. Your caregiver will also check your IV site for infection (in-FECK-shun) or leaks.

Call your caregiver if you have:

  • You have more weight gain or loss than your caregiver tells you is ok.

  • You have a fever (increased body temperature).

  • Redness, swelling, or leaking where your IV goes into your skin.

  • Vomiting (throwing up) or diarrhea (di-uh-REE-uh). Also, if you are very thirsty, and drinking liquids does not make the thirst go away.

  • Dizziness or you feel like you are going to faint (pass out).

  • Problems getting your IV line to work.

  • A yellow color to your skin or whites of your eyes.

  • Questions or concerns about your TPN treatment, illness, or care.

and i am just do the TPN !

p/s : The above information is an educational aid only. It is not intended as medical advice for individual conditions or treatments. Talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before following any medical regimen to see if it is safe and effective for you.

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EntRy KhaS (Vol.2) : BuAt HayaT 3 TuTOr 23 !!

entry khas buat ex-KMPk H3T23 !! masih-kah korang ingat video ini ? aku masih menyimpan video ini tatkala melihat kembali sejurus air mataku mengalir ! betapa aku sayang dan rindu adik-adik aku semua niey ! =D
nasihat aku semoga menjadi orang berguna semua ya ! walaupun di mana korang menuntut ilmu itu ! jadikan orang yang berjasa kepada diri, keluarga, masyarakat, negara dan agama !

p/s : zaman dua tahun lepas !

sELamAt TinGgAL hari-HaRi !


aku suka gilak dengan lagu niey !! =))

EntRy KhAs bUat "PaK Cik TerSaYang" !

hurr ! actually dalam membelek-belek pictures dalam computer niey ! terbukak satu folder yang bernama "Taiping" .. dalam folder tuh banyak juga gambar tentang pak cik aku kt Taiping.. haha ! pak cik aku niey dh abz belajar dah ! bwu beberapa bulan lepas selepas entry ini ! dye niey skima ! pandai ! manja ! gewdix ! dan suka nasihat aku ! hihi~ pak cik aku niey dye study kt Universiti Teknologi Petronas ! mmg budak pandai-lah kan ! dye ambik pHd kat sana ! ijazah kat Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.. aku sgt bangga dengan pak cik aku sorang niey ! yang ak bangga tentang dia adalah dye pandai nasihat org ! aku x nak menceritakan siapakah pak cik aku ini ! tapi ak sure bila dye baca post niey dan tgk gmbr yg ak upload ini pasti dye tau ak sedang menceritakan tentang dye ! sebab gmbr yg ak upload adalah seekor teddy bear celcom ! dye bagi kat aku ! thnxx tau pakcik !walaupun aku tau teddy tuh percuma ! tp ada kesungguhan di situ ! dan nk mintak maaf sgt pakcik sbb aku x dpt nk bg jersi bola kt pak cik ! smpai skng masih x tertuntut kan? ermm.. =(
aku harap sgt pakcik dpt jaga diri baik-baik yerr sbb lepas niey pak cik nk kawen dh kan ! opsss..semoga bahagia ek ! insyallah saya turun Taiping nnt demi pak cik saya tersayang ! haha~

pAgi SabTu deNgan Study !

ayuh ! lagi sebulan aku akan menduduki peperiksaan akhir semester 4..begitu menakutkan kerana ini merupakan first final exam of my clinical at hospital..even we got 4 subjects on diz semester yet, it does not make me to get full high points to diz semester coz from A to so hard for me ! ape-ape pon aku tdk boleh putus asa..aku akan mampu untuk sedaya upaya buat yang terbaik demi mama dan papa aku ! aku tahu mereka banyak berkorban untuk aku..walaupun kehidupan aku di sini sangat "complicated" tapi itu bukan menjadi penghalang buat aku kerana ini adalah pilihan buat diri ku.. jadual peperiksaan pon sudah keluar..

Thursday (12th May 2011) :
8.00am - 11.00pm Farmasi Pesakit Luar
2.00pm - 5.00pm Stor Perubatan

Friday (13th May 2011) :
8.00am - 11.00pm Farmasi Klinikal Onkologi
3.00pm - 6.00pm Persediaan Galenikal

OMG! semua subjek tersebut 4 jam kredit kew? adoi..mati la aku nk study untuk 4 jam kredit..
biar pun 10jam kredit aku sanggup utk mencapai kejayaan nanti..hope so !

p/s : study + tgk movie !!

cloxacillin capsule 250mg
teka ek niey ubat aperr?! paling senang jerr~

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wah..someone gave it to me..hihi..i noe diz too much! i am really appreciate sincerely i oredi said ia sangat busuk bau nyer..bad i still using it..especially when i am goin to meet wif u..for sure i will spray it on me! yeahh..i noe u like diz smell so much rite?! hihih~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

eVerytin is gOin OriTe..!!

yeaah..sudah lama ku tidak write and post new entry..sory ah bz lately..u noe i am da student of Pharmacy..and now i am doin clinical at bz a lot lately..but then when i opened FB and i juz received a notification dat my "bro" added me to the UBM Group..ouch! UBM? apekah itu? hihi..nyway i got 'them' and i think so dat i goin to be a blogger again..yeahh..suppor me k.. =D
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