Tuesday, December 23, 2008

eNgLish aNd mY bLog..?

hi guys..! yesterday i have a English class at it lab or computer lab..so, my lecturer give us permission to surf the internet..my response?? of course i'm excited very well..hehe..while on doing my job...sir azmir came to my sit..and he saw me on reply friendster comment..haha...then, i add him on my Friendster, Facebook and Hi5...by the way, i'm log in my blog too..so, i just promote him my blog..he's so glad on my blog and support me be as blogger..owhhh!! i'm appreciate that sir..!! haha..but he challenge me to write these in proper English language..because he said that I will improve my English too..!! that's right...from now, i will try my best to write in English so..God willing..!! hehe...so that, i will promote my blog to foreign people...!!...and i also welcome anyone who can check my grammar as well as my spelling in this blog..i'm pleasure it babe and dude..!!

* tomorrow i will donate my blood in my English class..but i don't want it...help me...!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

owner, Bravo said...

he's so glad on my blog and support me be as blogger >>> miastake..it's should be "he's so PROUD on my blog and support me be as blogger"...out~

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