Thursday, February 26, 2009

sOmeOne?? long time no see my story right..yeah..i'm very busy...last week i have attend a kem biro tata negara at kulim..later i will post that story because i;m still searching the pictures..huhuhu...wokey..for this time posting i will wanna talk and share to u guys about someone..hehe...he is a KMPk's student...but he is my senior...i like talking with him...we all always share the problem together..he also sometimes give me some advice...almost 24 hours we messaging..hehe...some of my friends i;m very sure they know him very much!! haha...ak menanggap dye sbg abg ak jekk...ahah...he will finish matriculation programme this yaer...maybe month of April..huhu...besides him...ak da gak knl ramai org ex-pdt nih..akak2 masa ak g btn pon..dye owg mmg baik gler ar...ak hope u all will get the result with flying colours soon..and then further study in university in your choice..!!hehe...chaiyok2..!!

*final exan 23 march!! wish me luck all!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

mY nEw HanDphOne..~

hye guys…huhu..latest outing on holiday for Chinese new year..i’m going to GreenTown Mall at Ipoh..I’ve bought a new one… so, now I using two hand phones… using Celcom network and Maxis network… this hand phone is made in China... so the price is so cheap! No need me to mention how much it is… how can I attract with that one because it have multipurpose function… for example I can watch a television… hehehe… but I have to take care this gadget so carefully because the tool to repair this phone so difficult, I mean so hard to get the tools or equipment or its accessories… huhuhu… so far I have used 5 hand phone in my life… for the first time when I am at Form 2 using Nokia 3310, the a little bit upgrade used Motorola… sorry I cant remember what the model is… then, Form 4 I am used Nokia 3100… this phone still with me till now… this phone have a lot of memory ( sweet and sour memory)… I love this phone although it cant function very well… from this phone I know what is GPRS, MMS and everything… on the last year till now I am using Nokia 5200 orange edition express music… I love this phone too… because I can know what is Bluetooth, memory card, internet using phone and everything… I loved this phone so much… for your information, this phone are gifted by my dad… love you abah! Hehe.. then for this year 2009, china phone are with me…!! Here are the pics of my new hand phone…

*in planning to having a PDA…maybe after 10 years…

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

'HaRe's bLog!!'

today..suddenly I feel like to read soemone blog...and suddenly cross in my mind..I just remebr him...
a person that I dont know him very well but since last year i study his page on all his social network...and be a follower of his blog..
i've feels like be as one of his friends maybe as a best friends..for him, i dont know !! ummm...he have all the social network web that i have too..
this is the best chance for me to take the advantage to know him better as well as observe his acting..waaah..! me have be like as spy now..hahaha..
and he approved me as his friends..i'm glad it..i dont know why i like to be friend with him..maybe sometimes he have similar with me kot...ntahla....
mula-mula aku jumpa profile, dye and complimentry with his pics is at Photubucket..dye ada simpan gambar Fiq need for me to told
whose that Fiq is and what the real story are..Actually, I want to know more about Foq what gossip is to him...then, secara tak sengaja aku
tertarik nak tahu siapa yang uploadkan gambar tuh..I have to called him as 'Hare' here..actually the real name is not like that..
this to make it become private and confidental k...for this year I have been so long time to read his blog..
so,that evening in just doing nothing..I read his blog through my handphone..memang banyak gila dia cerita what happened for him along
Jnauary and February..for me the stories that can I give 5 stars are about his old story at his school, he told the important event for him maybe that have
occured at his school...i I not mistaken it happened when he is in lower secondary..and another story are his occupation now...I dont know he work at a
restaurant that has a function as bar or pub so fra..because in his story he had mentioned a bartender..everyone know right!, I realize and know it..
so damn him! why is can say like that because he is Muslim or Islamic people..Actually he had through his life with inverted, tambah-tambah
dengan kerja yang ada kaitan dengan beer and comment that I can say!! ummmm...tapi hari tuh dia ada cakap yang he have two interview
at another restaurant (i dont know either like as the old one or totally different) and another at an office...
but decision is ib his far, he not decide yet...if said about him,I have a lot of words to talk about him..for me so fun and relax when
I read about his life...very bery enjoyed..I attarcted with his quote from his blog..I think this quote he made by himself..
"my breath togged up the glass,I drew a smile take then I laugh"..I hope he enjoyed with his life..If I have a chance to be as my adopt brother,
it will possible for me to do that..hahahah...!!

*no need to mention here what his blog's may cant find hard dude!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

mY nOveL..

waaa...u guys knows that i've already publish a novel..hehe...that;s amzing right?? haha...actually this is my English project...we'll have to promote our story adaptation to our friends..there are several kinds of promotion that we'll have told by our lecturur....accidentally,i have learn a new lesson that time that is hoe become a salesman..hahah...they are directly promotion, promotional interview, press conference and situational...i;ve chose situational...u wanna know why?? bcoz i like! so, zul and i had to act in front of everyone..we've to promote to everyone to attract my story also known as my this is 'my novel' ...tittle: the foxed hexed..

*sooner will publish over the world..haha
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