Thursday, April 29, 2010

blessing cremnoy for final exm!! ptg kami kos Pharmcy juz done a majlis restu ilmu..blessing cremony..!
held at 4pm..huhuh..emm..nothng much to say..i juz realized diz such cremony supposed to be a really damn sadness and meaningful..but nthg i got..!
wat i attrcted wif my leader's batch..taufik bin ajeh..he really gve da speech lyk a gud representer .. ..
sgt bgga dgn mung taufik!!!
when my frnz and i entered da audi..all batches had sat their places..and y our senior batch 52 ddnt looks at us..lyk they not satisfied wif us..
i knowwww!!! mybe en.ariffin our course leader oredi told them dat we all one class dont wnt to go their dnner!
let gone by gone..actually i really didnt wan to go dnner..but i thnk y not dey do it as suitble place wif suitble price..rm75 at hotel?? possible wif studnts lyk us? humm..

*suka gilak tgk camera EOS canon SLR puan dalila..

TouChing At..!

uhuh..tdy i've a phrmaclogy's quiz..really got some nrvous..coz i didnt prepare so much..malasss banget!!!
but, i wil answer my Q wif gud answer..hummm!
yesterdy, when da Chmstry lecturer had said bout da blacklist names dat whos didnt pass their Organic Chemsitry on exam formatif..
syukr name not in listed!!
my frnz Ismail..who is really great men while Kak Niza also is a 4 flat studnt still listed in the blacklist's name..humm!
wht can i say juz praise to Allah..really thank to Him!!!!
now i wil upgrde my effort to achieve more thn i got bfore this..hope so!!!
now i got to go..going to attnd my Frmasuetik's class..btw,wish me luck for Phrmaco's quiz tday oso..daaaaa!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ReZeKi..??! y am so got in a little bit stress..
owez jeles dgn kwn2 ku yg oredi enterd unvrsty..emm!
bilakah masa ak akan masuk unvrsty???
be patinece..semua rezki tuu di tgn Tuhan..sbr jelaaa~

Monday, April 26, 2010


hello not too bored's day coz today is MONDAY!!
as usual going to class..dts wat i mean BORED evrydy..!!!
hd a quiz oso..Microbiology's quiz..!!
wat am curious is after i saw a lot of gifts??? hahahahah~
so materialistic meh??? nope~
but lyk kid really xcitd to chocolates n jelly..LOL~
da quiz is group's easy meh..hahahaha!
and our group got 4th !!! not bad..hhahahaah~
CLOSTRIDIUM TETANI won!!! hahaahhaah~
mybe diz last clss of Microbiology more after diz..hummm~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

bOreD + QUiZ !!?

tmoro quiz lorr..still cnt study yet..y am so lzy tonite..huuu~
owez on9 24h...no2!! da exm is juzt aroubd da corner meh..humm!
now is doing nothng to do..adoi~
even de is lot of thng i cn do..humm! after hd my dnner wif kueh tiow from pasar malam..i became yawn..! hahahaha~ funny lorr..keh3..gonna stop blogging then sleep tight beb..!

LonG tiMe NO seE~

salam ukhwah..hihhi!
a very very long time no see my blog here..i am just so busy with the new semester tht is semster two..huhuhu..compulsory with 8 subjects..LOL~ how cn i do pass my exam final sem coming soon..only God noe it..huhuhu..tlking bout frnz really updted to their blog jealousy! dts y i am moved to sign in my blog..and say somthng..even it is nothng..hee~
countdown to my final sem exam is only bout 10 days more..very scared..but i am excited to sit da exm n finished dat and back to my sweet home..btw, should i thnkg bout my paper? hw cn i repeat my paper..ohhh! noooo~
never and evr..huu!
tomorrow i hv my microb's quiz..focusing it tonite..then sleep tight..hehehe..bye2~
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