Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NeW iN my LifE i am so curious to meet someone today..huh..i can't tell u'll here yet..coz this very personal in my life..huhu....i just wanna to share with u all..fuu~ before i make a dare with tht someone..i get myself at kb mall first..i have to paid my monthly broadbnd..hummm~ then we make a 12 o'clock as our meeting hour..L is not the real name send sms to me wait at Mary i am drive going around 12.45 i've arrived i was waited L in the Mary Brown..then L just came towrds L is just quite good looking but L make me rembering to someone..huhuh..someone tht really close to me time in matric college..ayooo~ after made order we all chatting and eating...huu~ a lots of topic we talk about...really best! then L ask me to walk around at shopping complex nearby...great..! i just followed L..L find some cloths..all cloths that found must ask my cool!! heheh...then time we walk aorund i like this moment..we all like a couple u up the hands..walk in close-up..we all pinch to each other..waaaah~ besh siot! btw, L treat me an ice-cream..then duduk la berdua-duan di depan kereta while eating the ice-cream..iyuuu~ x leh blah..dunno when i will meet you again, L..!hope this February..emm..and why after this u really hard to reply my sms..pleaseeee~ dnt make me hate u! coz i hate most is someone tht i really creaving not reply my sms..!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

LapToP vS bUkU so boring..dunno what to do..just stay at home..watching tv, surfint the internet, online, listening to the music..just do is Saturday..i have a week to gain my holiday with my works..huhuh..coz on 1st january i will depart to lazy..but with new intension hope so..strive on semeter 2 coming soon!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top Ten Most Expensive Malaysia Actress 2007

Do you know, Fasha Sandha had beat Erra Fazira in Malaysia most expensive actress ranking. Fasha Sandha celebrity rating makes her income around RM120, 000.00 per film. ‘Celebrity Payment Rating’ is common in entertainment industry also as guidance for Event Management Company, Local Film Producer, Advertiser Company etc.

Top Ten Most Expensive Malaysia Actress 2008:

1) Fasha Sandha (RM120,000.00)
Fasha Sandha (born March 28, 1984) is a Malaysian actress who has appeared in movies, television shows, and commercials. Fasha Sandha was born in Johor Bahru, Johor, but moved to Penang and later to Perlis due to her father’s work. Since graduating from the Kuala Lumpur-based Institut Kebudayaan Negara in 2000, Fasha Sandha has appeared in movies Black Reign, Bujang Senang, , Gong and Cicak-Man. Fasha Sandha was named most popular new actress in the 2005 Anugerah Bintang Popular for her performance on television drama Natasya. Fasha Sandha is also famous for her best-selling novel, Sumpahan Fasha (Fasha’s Curse)

2) Maya Karin (RM100,000.00)

3) Sharifah Amani (RM90,000.00)

4) Erra Fazira (RM80,000.00)

5) Nasha Aziz (RM70,000.00)
6) Ida Nerina (RM60,000.00)

7) Umie Aida (RM60,000.00)

8) Dynaz (RM50,000.00)

9) Raja Farah (RM60,000.00)

10) Vanida Imran (RM50,000.00)

Here 11-13 rank list of Malaysia Most Expensive Malaysia Actress 2008.
11) Eja (RM40,000.00)

12) Rita Rudani (RM40,000.00)

13) Lisdawati (RM30, 000.00)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

mY rEPoRt COmpLetEd!!

yuhuu..lately, i am done finished my report of reflektif of pra-praktis at hospital last week..huhu..nk buya report ni very hard u know..coz i have to put all the info of pharmacy carrer and the hospital as well..with helped if my friends,lecturers and staff of hospital i am done..! really happy and relax now..btw, i got 96% of my practical tasks..happy so..! hope next sem maintain and got 100% tuu!...

now focusing on presentation of this..

Monday, December 14, 2009

ePy bEzDaY miMi!!

yuhuh..12 dis is mimi's sis..she is a year tounger than we all family together celabrate her birthday with food stuff..they are donuts and cake..huhuh..delicious..

Friday, December 4, 2009

mEe rAmeN, KimCi fLavOuR..

this is ramen tht i made by myself..kimci flavour...u guys can get this instant noodle at supermarket..this flavour actually is taste too spicy and soya bean sauce..but totally really best..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

nEw expeRiEncE..!

huhu...skang ak tgh menjalani Latihan Pra-Praktis di Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab 2 sbg Pen Peg Farmasi..huhuh..selama seminggu je..huhuhu..dari 2hb hingga 8hb Disember 2009..

Jadual Penempatan:
2hb - Farmasi Pesakit Luar
3hb- Perkhidmatan Kaunseling dan Maklumat Ubatan
6hb- Farmasi Setelit / Farmasi Pesakit Dalam
7hb- Farmasi Klinikal
8hb- Sub-stor,Pra-bungkus

arini 2hb, sgt penat dan boring..hummm...bosan jgk tgk org wt kerja je kan..huhu..nk tlg pon x da bnda nk tlg..dari pg smpai kul 2 lebih ak kt outpatient dprtmnt..lps tuu ak blah ikot senior g pra-bungkus..tolong filling cream dlm ointment jar lebih 200 bekas..huhu..sgt penat..! dh la ujan je sehari suntuk.. :(
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