Saturday, July 31, 2010


weekend just arrived again!! i lyk it most..why? coz i am sure evryone knows da answer right? hihi~
but then this weekend i hv to stay at the hostel je..coz i dun hv much money to hang out..errmm.hihi! waaaaaaa~
so just stay my room..i only read the novel..opppss!
novel just borrowed from my friends..hihi! x da duit jgk nk beli novel..allalaal~
tp kan dari ak dok baca novel better for me read pharmacology kan? now i hv 4 assignmnt(s)...ohhh no! all these assgnmnts i hv to submit bfore the end of this month..nooo!
dh laa nk kene hafal ubt byk plax tuh this sem..its owkey! dats wat chllnge of our study filed of pharmacy! cahiyok2..!!

p/s: dalam kesibukan membuat aasgnmnt sempat lagi ak dan kwan2 berlatih nasyid..

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