Tuesday, August 3, 2010

eVerYdAy iS bOrinG dAY..!

huhu..everyday is boring day..!
i sure u all agree with me right..huhu..for me..everyday come to the class..do the same thing..huhu..ver very bored..even we dun hv any gap for our class..only gap just able to do eat only 30mins..huhu..and lunch for an hour..sux! but then sometimes when lectures do not come to the class i hv to stay in the class..wht we are goin to do is watching movies..hihi~
so enjoying coz dats my fav hoby..hihi~
u guys noe my lecture hall so cold ever lyk London~ hahahaah!
till i lyk need double sweater..hahahax!! sometimes in my class i just played around with Ding-Ding..she a funny girl i ever met..hahaha..sorry Ding-Ding..hahaha!
we were made a flight right today? i lyk it..hahahx!!
but then we need to complete four assignmtn(s) within these several weeks..ohh no~~


Lynn said...

whoah... i'm am glad that u met ding-ding.... wakakakaka...

bravo said...

hey ding2..thnxx for ur cmnt..do support my blog yah!

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