Saturday, July 24, 2010

DanCe oOo DanCe~~

today early morning i hv to attend a workshop orgnaized by induk kebudayaan at my cmpus..then i am selected by lecturer as fasilitator on dance workshop!
wow great~
hihi..juz make it simple..theme is modern juz take it easy..
so we need to practice all one day then sharp 230pm we hv to i hv to take one team..then i wil be a choreographer for them..
i decided to teach them two types of modern dance dats is sway dat its lyk as tango dance then a moder india dance...hhihhi!
all these types of dance were helped by my friends as well..i am proud of my frinds and i..hehhehe!
when all the judges make their team got the 2nd places..hihi!
i am happy with them..
hope our team always support for local dancer!!

p/s : fokus untuk nasyid the end of this month..

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