Monday, July 26, 2010

LePaK JuSCo MEtRO PriMa KePOng!!

yesterday (Sunday, 25th July 2010) i went outing at the Jusco Kepong with my friends (Najmi, Syakila, Firdaus, Gan, Geraldine, Thank).
we were went there by taxi direct from college...
when just arrived there najmi, syakila, daos and i took our breakfast+lunch at the food court..i ordered a claypot nasi goreng + ayam..huh..not bad but then too salty..hurr!
after that we were went to watch the movie..tittle Mantra..this movie so disgusting and nonsense.. u noe they use mantra atau ilmu hitam to their life..but then i got moral values from there..with ilmu hitam our life not perfect and for sure God not accept us even the earth!
after finished watched dat movie we were do a job dat i love most dat is shopping..but then this time i cant shopping my wardrobe coz dun have much budget lorr!! i juz shopping my props as well as birthday gift for my lovely roomate, Faris! i just bought for him is chocolate + deodorant..hihi..! am sure and very hope he's not a typical sensitive person when i give him soon..y i bought him a deodorant coz he ever wore dat kind of deodorant dat is Nivea and the smelly is so fruity..! huhu~

then we back to coollege on 6.30pm..even tired i make a time vacancy for my room..decorate + tidy up after two days not to do so!

p/s: bought a speaker too! nice and cute one~

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