Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CLiNicAL PosTing~

hurr..! starting from now i've to think, think and thinking where should place to be my second homwtown within a year...coz i will do a practical or attchmt at hospital about one year..huhuh..means two sem(s)..humm!
i am lost! am tension..where should i choose...! is it really hometown???? kota bharu? hospital raja perempuan zainab 2 ???? emm..dunno~~
coz even the staffs there so nice but then i really dun lyk my house as bored there..! in addition, there's no smethng intrstng there..but then i must stay nearly wif my dat when i am homesick or miss my parents i can back anytime..humm!
is it terengganu? wat about then? good idea?? or kuantan?
but then Kak Mila ever ask me just now..she ask to do clinical posting at Penang..dats a gud idea coz i hv my relatives there..huhu~
so jimat for me utk balik kmpung time raya or cuti sem nnt..hihi~
but then i hv to think carefully..huhu!

wats ur guys' opinions..?

p/s: mgu dpn ada "mock dispensing"..tkt nye~


Anonymous said...

pilihla HKl...byk pengalman leh dpt..leh duk ostel

bravo said...

HKL byk kew pengalaman? humm..awk pe ekk? phrmcy jgk kew?

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