Friday, October 8, 2010

waHai ProPosAL..!

hello!! now i got time to write my blog again..i wan to share wif u guys bout my proposal..all bout my research's proposal..!! well for da first meeting is diz monday..but then i have to think properly da tittle of my research..! after 3 times rejected by my lecturer, Pn. Shima..finally n lastly i got da research's tittle is "tahap komplian pesakit terhadap penggunaan ubat beta-blocker di kalangan peakit hypertension"..!! i really so satisfied wif my tittle..but then i clogged till i got flue and fever..because of the research..! i have to focus to do da draft of my proposal..and my first meeting with my supervisor, Miss Chuan Lee Phing..she is a head of pharmaceutic deprtmnt..hope she can help me a lot(s)..! =)

p/s: dalam keadaan fever yg teruk..kene study utk exam mock dispensing diz Monday..!

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