Monday, October 18, 2010

"siLLy" JouRneY..!! vs "haPPeNinG" jOurNey..!!

huhu..! so tired damn tired..! fuckin tired..! hahahah..
sorry guys..i just came back from KL Sentral actually..the story is started at hospital sg buloh..after class sharp 5pm shima, ateh and i got da taxi went to KTM station at sg buloh.then ask the counter bout da ticket..the purpose is juz wan to get da train's ticket goin back to Kelantan for Hari Raya Aidiladha..but then the system is down! so unfortunately we all must get another nearest station to get da ticket while others maybe the system is in good condition..! then we all bought da ticket went to Kepong Sentral..about 5mins from Sg Buloh.. once again unfortunately ateh n syima still in da train then i oredi drop there..but then i oredi told them to drop at Kepong Sentral..hurrr..! after that i have to wait them for next train from Kepong about 20mins..hurr..! waste the time..! after they'll arrived..we all ask the counter.."puan, train to timur at wakaf bharu ada lagi x?" the counter said " still close sir.." then of dispute in at the counter.. " why i went sg buloh said oredi opened..hurmm!" ..i being warmed after that..!! we still not satisfied with that answer then we bought ticket went to KL Sentral..coz KL Sentral is da HQ of KTM..then the aswer we got is already out..! hirr..sold out..! really warmed and burned!! then after we had a dinner there..we quickly bought the ticket went to buy ticket bus goin to Kelantan.,.finally i got the ticket on 16th..huhu..after that we were rushed to get the train and bouught ticket to Sg buloh..then train delayed about an hour..!! hurrr..but then when time of train delayed we were have a lots of story to share between us..i luv u girls..ateh n shima..gonna mish u after diz..about a year we werent see, outing, eating together..!! huhu..sob3..
then i hope u all when buy da ticket plzzz take care urself..coz sorry i really cant accompony u all anymore..!! hope we meet again semester 6...!!

p/s : terjumpa lelaki misteri dlm komuter td..! ouch!


sastraboy said...

bro. susah nak baca entri lu. font gelap.

bravo a.k.a syadzwan said...

lorr..ykew? t ah gua tukar..macih ats komen anda..!

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