Saturday, October 23, 2010

sHoPPinG at ThE stOre..!

wah..including today at two times in a row I was shopping at The Store Sg Buloh..I'm not even sure what the so fun when shopping at The Store, but that fact that you all should know is this..! yesterday i went to there by motor wif daus n mail..nad today by taxi wif radzuan..huurr! today bought some cakes..pecan butterscotch mengenyangkan..! yg paling most interesting part adalah kte org nyaris maut td..alhmdulilah idop lagi ak smpai malam ini..hihi..sbb td kte org wan corss da road..then byk glerr kete..siot je ase td..tobat x nk g lagi..rela mam kek secret recipe kt mid valley laa..ahhaha..lau x mati katak laa ak..!

p/s: skng tgh struggle buat proposal..wish me luck ya! =)

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