Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MY ruMATe'S BfDAy..!

hihi..actually this happened last week..a day before our's nasyd competition..but then..i a liitle bit bz to write my blog..huhu..besides my actually b.o.d of my rumate is 19th july...huhu!
we oredi plnned for him..for fes stage is main simbah2.hih..we do some prepration lyk air tepung, air belacan n air abu rokok..hihi!
jgn marah!!! sj men suka2..anyway we oredi put some anti-infection there..;p
for the nesxt day is stge two is do some party..hih! lets get some cakes n junk food!!!!
anywy i oredi gve him some present..forgot to snap my present special for him..lalalala~~

p/s: tak sabar nk masuk tahun depan yg ke-21..

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