Thursday, April 29, 2010

TouChing At..!

uhuh..tdy i've a phrmaclogy's quiz..really got some nrvous..coz i didnt prepare so much..malasss banget!!!
but, i wil answer my Q wif gud answer..hummm!
yesterdy, when da Chmstry lecturer had said bout da blacklist names dat whos didnt pass their Organic Chemsitry on exam formatif..
syukr name not in listed!!
my frnz Ismail..who is really great men while Kak Niza also is a 4 flat studnt still listed in the blacklist's name..humm!
wht can i say juz praise to Allah..really thank to Him!!!!
now i wil upgrde my effort to achieve more thn i got bfore this..hope so!!!
now i got to go..going to attnd my Frmasuetik's class..btw,wish me luck for Phrmaco's quiz tday oso..daaaaa!!

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