Thursday, April 29, 2010

blessing cremnoy for final exm!! ptg kami kos Pharmcy juz done a majlis restu ilmu..blessing cremony..!
held at 4pm..huhuh..emm..nothng much to say..i juz realized diz such cremony supposed to be a really damn sadness and meaningful..but nthg i got..!
wat i attrcted wif my leader's batch..taufik bin ajeh..he really gve da speech lyk a gud representer .. ..
sgt bgga dgn mung taufik!!!
when my frnz and i entered da audi..all batches had sat their places..and y our senior batch 52 ddnt looks at us..lyk they not satisfied wif us..
i knowwww!!! mybe en.ariffin our course leader oredi told them dat we all one class dont wnt to go their dnner!
let gone by gone..actually i really didnt wan to go dnner..but i thnk y not dey do it as suitble place wif suitble price..rm75 at hotel?? possible wif studnts lyk us? humm..

*suka gilak tgk camera EOS canon SLR puan dalila..

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