Sunday, April 25, 2010

LonG tiMe NO seE~

salam ukhwah..hihhi!
a very very long time no see my blog here..i am just so busy with the new semester tht is semster two..huhuhu..compulsory with 8 subjects..LOL~ how cn i do pass my exam final sem coming soon..only God noe it..huhuhu..tlking bout frnz really updted to their blog jealousy! dts y i am moved to sign in my blog..and say somthng..even it is nothng..hee~
countdown to my final sem exam is only bout 10 days more..very scared..but i am excited to sit da exm n finished dat and back to my sweet home..btw, should i thnkg bout my paper? hw cn i repeat my paper..ohhh! noooo~
never and evr..huu!
tomorrow i hv my microb's quiz..focusing it tonite..then sleep tight..hehehe..bye2~

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