Thursday, March 5, 2009

ProgRam PerCamBahAn iLmU dGn Dak PdT MaTriX pHg..!

huhu..aritu lecturer biology ak, Encik Nasir mention my name coz i am selected to join with pdt students of pahang matriculation college...actually they came here just to do some research at cameroon, they slept at our hostel...yg paling ak suka coz dapt jumpa membe skul lama, fiza...actually i have alreday sent a message to her to inform her that i will join that programme to see for the first sight so surprised ar...mmg matured gler wei dye...dulu masa skul dye tinggi pd dye...skang kte owg sama tinggi..ahaha...mmg byk gler topik nk dibualkan dgn dye..mmg rasa mcm x puas....huhu..yela dh bertahun2 x jumpa...huhu..pastu knl la jgk dgn bdk2 KMPh..huhu..dye owg yg dtg pon terpilih jgkk...huhu...sonok laa jgk see them coz they ar so sporting....huhuh...hope keepin in touch all..!!

*good luck to all pdt students of matrix final on 23 March 2009...!!


awa2789 said...

tgkp ngn ppuan je ek??

bravo said...

haha..dh dye owg yg nk tgkp gmbr dgn sy..

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