Monday, March 2, 2009

diNNeR aT KMPk..!!

huuhu...on the last weekend i have attended a dinner at KMPk and he venue is at Dewan Seri Kinta (old named is Dewan Serbaguna)...huhu..actually if u guys wanna know how can i;m selevted to be there because i'm selected k...hahaha...nk kat bangga tuh adalah kot sikit-sikit...heheh..oh well!!... and why i have been selected because i am a leader of my class tutorial...ahha...the dinner was started on 9.00 pm..the custom is baju kameja and tie..huhu..actually we all heve been told to wearing on that time with baju batik..ahhaha...when i arrived there so many students as well as lecturer and very important pepole guess has come table is number 40...but i seen there are some girls have sat, my friends and i just sat at the next table..huhu...for the second time for me having dinner at this college...for the first time when i am having that time also i am selected by my fasilitator..huhu...this dinner called "Malam Sulaman Kasih Lamabaian Kenangan"...i am so attarted with that dinner theme...for your additional info this dinner is just to celebrate the director of matriculation divison because he want to retired from his work...huhuh..the food catering is Sha Food Catering...i have already ate the food by thi scatering for several times...what i remembered are when i went to break my fast at my methematics lecturer house and celebrated Hari Raya at college...the food had been served are nasi beryani plus ice-cream as many persemabahan diadakan malam tuh...ada yg lecturer karaoke...pastu ada pelajar yang menari...bersajak...mcm2 lagi la...last perromer by lecturers singing a choir song tiltled : Berpisah Adat Manusia Biasa..the dinner end sahrp at 11.00 pm...huhu

*having a 'date' after dinner..ahhahahahaa!!!

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