Friday, May 8, 2009

'nEw pErsOn' long to write my blog..coz nothing special althouh it have been..but dunno am so lazy lazy and lazy to type such things when i am at home..coz i am always online my social i am so happy because i will have a new person in my life..i will called that new person as MESSY..hehe..Messy is stay with same state with me..and my hometown as well but Messy is studying at our meeting is so far i am not meet Messy yet..although i wanna do that A.S.A.P..and i am sure the same thing with Messy..the next day after tomorrow i will leave Kelantan ang going to Perak to further my study at Perak Matriculation College..humm..after i am so bz..maybe the time i know Messy not suitable..but i am sure also that is not our problem..coz we have a technolgy right..SMS,MMS,GPRS,INTERNET..that is will be our connection..hehe..actually Messy is excited to know and be friend with, i saw Messy's face not bad..hahah..then Messy also looks so kind..why not i am take my action as well as the line,we not declare yet..but now we have agrreed on both to be like that..hope our relationship last longer..!!!!!
with love for you hun..!!
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