Sunday, September 12, 2010

EPy Eid..!

today is 3rd Syawal..still got feeling of raya's mood.. huhu..but then am still thinking of my assingmnt..hurr! when diz such thing would be compete..! adoi..
still lazy wanna to do..coz of raya-lah kan..huhuh..
as usual for da first day am goin to my granny's house at KB..then in the evening goin to mom's villge..huhu..for second day still visiting my relatives at nearby..huhu..
but then i saw someone in the first Syawal..OMG~
juz forget it..i heard 'dia' da oversea studnt at
not bad as well as educated n looking..! huhu..
humm..on first raya jgk laa si dia tuh asyk bz memnjang..uwaa!!

p/s: still thinking of u even hari raya(hari bz)!


aifaafiqah said...

wooowWW~~ si dia tuh~~~ haha sapekah agknye kn~~~ hahah!

bravo said...


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