Monday, January 4, 2010

nEw LiFe, NeW Sem, NeW yEaR..!

on the 1st of january i have going back to KSKB, Selangor to continue my study for the second lazy laa~haha..emm...i chose train as my grandmother, my aunt and my sis sent me there coz my parents went to Perlis..huhu..u know i were took the train as my trnsport back to college is the long journey i've ever..huhuh..after arrived at KL Sentral my frns and i took the breakfast at KFC..then took taxi to reach at hostel..after check in and get the key i found my room situated at level 5 block G..waaaa~ a little bit surprised coz last sem i already lived at level 5..i really dont like this block as well as my room..huuu~my roomate still faris..humm~ the next of my room is misbahudin and comment..why must all my frns got the their room at level 5 and 4?? huurrr~ so weird of this hostel's finished and completed tidy up the room...lets sleep~ hahhahha..waiting for the tomorrow coz have a lot of program with orientasi again along with new junior and new senior..haha..c ya!

<<gmbr x dpt upload laaa, x tau npe>>>

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